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Pointer #4: Train your core flexibility!

The connection between a strong body and great arm is in your core mobility…In other words, stretch as often as you can.  If you like to lift weights, stretch more than you lift.  If you avoid lifting, don’t avoid stretching. 

Pointer #3: Throw your curve ball with strong fingers and loose body.

Pitching Easy Pointer #3 —Jan 13, 2024 Throw your curve ball with strong fingers and a loose body. Grip strength is ...

Is it Time to Play or Wait Your Turn? Playing and Coaching through Sport and Position Specialization

Football, cross-country, soccer, swimming, basketball, volleyball, hockey, track and field, lacrosse, golf, baseball, softball, field hockey. How many of our kids play one of these?  How many play two? Three? Four? It is an ongoing debate - sport specialization vs. playing multiple sports for young athletes.  Is there a correct answer? 

Pitchers Pitch, Period - part 2 "Summer, NIL, and the Transfer Portal"

If you are coaching a baseball team between June 1 to around August 15, this is one phrase you do not like to hear from your players: "It's just summer ball."   Granted, there is a natural let down from the rah-rah intensity of a college baseball spring to the more serene, developmental baseball experience of summer baseball.  It is a "winning at all costs" mindset vs. a "I'm trying to get better for next year" thought process of the summer baseball leagues.

Players, Parents, and Stress

Baseball is hard enough to play when there is no stress.   I'm afraid that children's baseball success has increasingly become the life dream of their parents.  Our children still manage to find pockets of fun, but Mom and Dad - not as much. Here are three examples of parent conversations which illuminate how parent stress hampers a young players ability to play the game at his or her best...

Pitchers Pitch, period. Part 1

I'm afraid young pitchers are forgetting how to pitch.  With all of the videos showing internet sensations throwing f...

Baseball 2022 - The Game is At Home

It is difficult for even the most knowledgeable baseball people to stomach what is happening with the MLB owners lock...

You Can Hit 90 on the Gun, Now What?

There are few better feelings in baseball than throwing a good hard fastball by a hitter. Power and velocity videos f...

Do Not Stop Throwing: 3 Tips for College Pitching Prospects in 2020

The year of COVID-19 has forced us to look at daily life – our routine – in a new way. Distance learning, parents con...

Hurry Up and Wait – The Insanity of the Coronavirus Pandemic

How badly do you want to play? Badly enough to sit at home through the COVID-19 pandemic? It seems the more we try to...

Baseball Recruiting Video — Do You Really Need One?

Recruiting is not an exact science. I'm sure if you could interview most college coaches they will each have a story of the kid "that got away" or "they completely missed on." It is not something for the weak minded or feint of heart, this recruiting thing.

Pitcher vs. Radar Gun - Searching for the Magic 90 mph Fastball

The radar gun can be evil at times but it does not lie. Pitchers anxiously await the arrival of the radar gun to game...
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