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Pointer #7: The Best Pitchers have the Best Imagination

Pointer #7 — Jan. 21, 2024

The Best Pitchers have the Best Imagination...

The combination of your pitches makes you successful. Don't stop working on your secondary stuff.

As many pitchers (and parents) look to see the radar gun light up, there has to be equal time and effort toward mastering the off-speed pitches.

Good hitters hit good fastballs. Unless you are throwing 98+, you have to master all pitches ini order to find success at the higher levels.

The good news is that curveballs, sliders, and changeups - any secondary pitch - can be thrown often for "feel" all year long. Pitchers, you should want hitters to swing at the off-speed stuff. Throw those pitches at the heart of the plate with the right arm speed and let the ball dive away from the swing. Keep it simple.

Throwing off-speed pitches should be as comfortable as a basketball player shooting free throws - put a good touch on it.

I'm afraid that too many pitchers are solely focused on velocity that they begin to throw the secondary stuff with less feel. There is nothing wrong with a "power curveball", as long as it is consistently a strike. If not, take something off of it and get hitters to swing. You have a chance to get a hitter out if the swing, rather than walking the ballpark.

If you are having trouble getting the fastball over the plate, it can't hurt go to the change or breaker, just to help get off of the rut with the fastball. Do not be afraid to try something else.

Your job is to get that hitter in front of you. Each hitter is a new challenge. Stay focused! Use your head!


- DL

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