Keep Working on all of your pitches...your fastball will keep getting faster. The off-speed stuff will keep you moving forward!

Pitching Easy, LLC. Owner Dennis Long Pursues his Passion of Coaching

"New to the Chamber, but not to baseball, Dennis Long,
Owner of Pitching Easy, LLC. branched out into
the business world by launching a company with
a focus on training, coaching, mentoring, and
sports counseling. Whether you are new to
the game or an active player, Long provides
individuals with a well rounded skill set of the
game, aiming to build the confidence of his
clients..." read more >

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Sign up for a set of video lessons from the Pitching Easy library and have a resource that you can rely on anytime...before a game, before a bullpen session, even in the middle of off-season training! 24/7 positive coaching!

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Meet Dennis Long, founder of Pitching Easy

Coach, speaker, inventor of Pitch Stix — on a mission to help pitchers from Tee Ball to MLB be their best. His positive and forward thinking style has helped thousands of people for nearly four decades navigate their own course to success - on and off the field.

Meet Dennis

Pitch Stix — Versatile Training Tool for hard working pitchers.

I've developed Pitch Stix and the Pitch Stix Training Routine as a tool to help pitchers build tighter pitches, find unknown velocity, add needed flexibility, and promote arm health. It is truly an all-around training tool!!!

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My Philosophy: Personal Pitching Power

Every body type and size has untapped potential. I enjoy the process of finding and unlocking the special qualities within each pitcher.


Testimonials from Pitchers, Coaches, and Parents

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Unlimited access to 50+ videos filled with Dennis' most effective lessons, drills, and tips for being a dominant pitcher. Watch on your phone or computer anytime, anywhere.

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