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Pointer #9: Keep your arm throwing

Pitching Easy Pointer # 9 — Jan 26, 2024

Keep your throwing arm throwing.

There is an old saying, "the best way to keep your pitching muscles in shape is to pitch." There is a lot of sense to this statement - as long as you listen to your body and keep moving at a comfortable effort level as you train.

Ligaments, tendons, and muscles around the shoulder and elbow are sensitive to overuse and strain, as we know. When we completely shut down during the off-season, which is a good idea, these lose density and power.

The pitching body must be built back up methodically with a balance of repetitions and power training. Arm stamina comes from playing catch regularly - at a firm, comfortable effort level - to go along with the proper amount of mobility and strength training. Power follows soon after.

In the early off-season, your focus should be on strength building. As the season draws closer, the focus should be on pure throwing form, followed by maintenence strength work.

By February 1, you are who you are physically. Don't try to add size at this time - it will hamper your pitching ability (i.e. control, stamina, and even velocity).

As you ramp up toward the first practice, throwing the ball on a regular basis. One good long toss session and one good mound bullpen day, supplemented with "off days" of playing catch or simply throwing balls into a target.

Initial soreness is normal.

Lightly throwing will help circulate blood through the soreness.

Velocity increases are not linear - you will feel great one day, the next day on the mound could be an off day. It's normal, very normal.

Stay with your routine -trust your training. But continue to train! If you are sore, train according to your tolerance level. Do something for your pitching.

When it is resting time, rest. Lightly tossing a ball is a good off day plan. Even a marathon runner jogs a mile on an off- day. Keep the body moving.

Listen to your body but keep moving like a pitcher as you get ready for the season.


- DL

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