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Curveball Pitch Stix - Single

Product image 1Curveball Pitch Stix - Single
Product image 2Curveball Pitch Stix - Single

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This curveball trainer is the original Pitch Stix, developed to help pitchers master the end-over-end tumble of a curveball. 

I started¬†10+ years ago by duct taping a similar contraption together ‚ÄĒ a prototype if you will. After trial and error, I graduated from duct tape to the sturdy, well-engineered¬†Curveball trainer you see here.

I've been using this with pitchers for years and am excited to now offer it publicly. 

    • Single 6" Curveball Pitch Stix
    • Diamond leather baseballs attached
    • Develop your tumbling curveball and slider
    • Practice your curveball with less wear and tear

Follow @pitchingeasy on instagram for Pitch Stix drills and workouts.

Video: Curveball Pitch Stix Drills

Follow @pitchingeasy on instagram for Pitch Stix drills and workouts.

Shipping & Returns

Pitch Stix will be shipped within 2-4 days of purchase and are available for local pickup from the DBI & Pitching Easy Training Facility. 

Returns are offered within 30 days. Products must be returned in new, unused conditions. See our return policy.

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