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Hurry Up and Wait – The Insanity of the Coronavirus Pandemic

How badly do you want to play?

Badly enough to sit at home through the COVID-19 pandemic?

It seems the more we try to do to “urge” the baseball season to start the more we are slowing it down.  The numbers do not lie.  As of early April, we, ominously, are entering early stages of something that is more serious than baseball and that few have experienced. 

We want to get back out there.

Throughout history sports have been a stabilizer to us all.  Currently we sit home paralyzed knowing that we must wait this extra inning game out.  More than ever we call upon one another to channel our love of sport - and the positivity sports brings to us - to our families, friends, and community.  We are playing in the same game here:

For parents who have taken the added responsibility of school teacher for the next few months, please keep up the effort. 

To the families who have lost one or two incomes, please stay positive and know that you will land on your feet.  If you can (this is hard) don’t place a “timeline” or more importantly, a “deadline” on your short-term future.  This is unpredictable, just know that we will all be ok. 

To the millions of athletes who miss playing and have lost their season – Stay put, stay the course!   Now, more than ever in your young lives, you have a RESPONSIBILITY to your fans.  Your fans are your parents, aunts, uncles, and grandparents.  If young people can muster up the same mental strength used working out toward focused social distancing during this critical time, you will make your mark more than you can imagine.  You will be able to say, with pride, that you helped bring sports back in 2020.   Less is more!

To ALL OF US - Let’s keep talking, emailing, video conferencing, and above all, smiling as much as we can.  It is not easy having to do this alone, nearly impossible to be honest.  Keep that in mind.

I’m sure we have all heard the experts talk about this is a time to “recalibrate”, or to “remember a simpler time”.  Maybe that is true but let’s acknowledge this change once this contest is over.

This is real and it is challenging.  Help one another.  We will be back. 


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