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End of Summer, Beginning of Fall - 10 Questions to Think About

As many summer seasons wind down it is a good time to rest, review, and appreciate the results of the past baseball season. 

Here are some questions to ask yourself.  Just think about it for a while, no rush or pressure.  This is only for you and no one else.  If you need help with anything, feel free to email me.

The answers come from only YOU:

1.  What adjustments worked best and where was the most noticeable improvement in my pitching?

2.  Am I still on pace for my long term goals (i.e. making a college, professional, HS varsity, or travel ball team)?

3. Who helped me this past season?  Who gave me a chance?  Who worked on adjustments?

4. Did I enjoy this past season?  What was my favorite part?

5. How is my overall health?  Do I need to adjust my training or possibly shut down for a period of time?  

6.  Do I want to play another sport this fall and winter?  

7.  What are my academic goals for this year?  Is the college of my choice still an achievable goal (for HS players)?

8.  Was I a good teammate?  Who were my role models on the team this year?

9.  Do I enjoy training for baseball?

10.  Is the game still fun?


Think about it.  

Good Luck

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